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December 23, 2008

‘Win This Book’ Returns to One-Minute Book Reviews in 2009 – Happy Holidays

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A while back, I ran contests that gave you varied ways to win books reviewed on this site, which I stopped mainly because I don’t drive and had to make an extra trip to the post office for them. (I know, I know: Why is a trip to the post office to mail a book such a big deal? Tell them, my fellow New Jerseyans.) As another year ends, I’ve decided I’m old enough to figure out how to get to the post office even if NJ Transit doesn’t cooperate, so I’m bringing back the contests in 2009.

A thousand thanks to all of you for visiting One-Minute Book Reviews in 2008. It’s a joy to read your comments.

Happy Holidays!


March 27, 2008

‘Last Night at the Lobster’ Title Parody Contest – Give Stewart O’Nan Ideas for His Next Novel – Should He Call It ‘Last Jiggle at Hooters’?

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Some critics say that the hallmark of a good book title is that it’s distinctive enough to lend itself to wordplay. Think of all the puns and parodies you’ve seen of Hemingway novels alone – For Whom the Belles Toll, The Son Also Rises, A Farewell to Arms Control.

By that standard, Last Night at the Lobster is a great title – so good that Stewart O’Nan may have trouble topping it with his next novel. So let’s give him some help. What should he call his next book? A few ideas:

Last Nacho at Chi-Chi’s
Last Jiggle at Hooters
Last Boomerang at the Outback

If you have other ideas, please leave a comment by 5 p.m. on March 28. I don’t have a prize for this one. But you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that your wit may have helped someone make it to the weekend. I’ll comment after all the nominations are in. And – who knows? – O’Nan might actually take your suggestion.

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