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February 25, 2010

2010 Delete Key Awards Finalist #1 – ‘Pygmy’ by Chuck Palahniuk

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From Chuck Palahniuk’s novel Pygmy (Doubleday):
“Succulent barrier much thrusting mammary glands shield operative me, swinging lady buttocks further thwart attacks.”

“Tongue of operative me lick, licking, touching back tooth on bottom, molar where planted inside forms cyanide hollow, touching not biting.”

“In greater afraid … within thinking machine operative me, this agent ponder if entire being operative me pitted for destroy American, annihilate homosexual, crackpot Methodist religion, Lutheran and Baptist cult, extinguish all decadent bourgeoisie – subsequent successful total such destruction: Render this agent obsolete? Of no worth?”

Yes, all 241 pages of Pygmy are this dorky. The novel reads as though Palahniuk had cut up a dictionary, put the pieces in a food processor, and pushed, “Spin.”

Read the full review of Pygmy.

You can also read about the Delete Key Awards on Janice Harayda’s page on Twitter. The 10 Delete Key Awards are being named in random order, beginning with No. 10, but numbered for convenience. This is finalist No. 1. The winner and runners-up will be announced March 15 on One-Minute Book Reviews and on Twitter.

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  1. Oh, good. I’ve been struggling to get a start on my book, and here was the solution all along, just cut up my dictionary (unfortunately I use the online one most) and toss it into a processor! I don’t have one of those but I’m sure the shredder will work just as well. Thanks for the idea! 😉

    Comment by mothergoose3 — March 19, 2010 @ 2:33 pm | Reply

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