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April 1, 2008

Book Reviews Less Appealing Than Hot Sex, Statistics Show

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Could this explain why the National Book Critics Circle had to launch its recent campaign to save book reviewing?

WordPress keeps adding new features, and one of the latest lets you see the search terms that people have used to find your site in the past day, week, month and year.

Here in order are the top search terms people have used to find One-Minute Book Reviews in 2008. The first two (“robin mcgraw” and “does the secret work”) have drawn at least a thousand people each to this site so far this year. The rest have drawn hundreds.

robin mcgraw
does the secret work
symbolism in literature
does the secret work?
symbols in literature
eat pray love quotes
moses, citizen and me
elizabeth gilbert
donald murray
virginia ironside
kinds of poetry
different kinds of poems
hot sex scenes
one minute book reviews
book reviews

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  1. Of course. The only reason I would read book reviews is to see if the reviewer had the same insight about a book as I did. The only book review I read before I buy a book are those with the stars rating on Amazon or Chapters. Much like what Ebert & Roeper do to movies; sometimes knowing too much about the art ruins it.

    Comment by Don — April 1, 2008 @ 10:07 pm | Reply

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