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August 12, 2007

Praise for One-Minute Book Reviews

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I don’t usually do posts about the write-ups One-Minute Book Reviews has received on other blogs or in print. Instead, I list some sample comments on the “Praise” page at right. But in case you’d like to have a post to forward to a friend, here’s one from Condé Nast’s Cookie magazine for parents:

“I know, I know. If you’re a parent, you sometimes don’t have time to read more than the ingredients listed on a breakfast cereal box. But let’s just say you have a whole minute. How do you make those seconds really count?

“The answer is this nifty new site, One-Minute Book Reviews, brainchild of writer, critic and voracious reader Janice Harayda. Author of two terrific books, Manhattan on the Rocks and The Accidental Bride, Harayda’s been the book editor of The Cleveland Plain Dealer, book columnist for Glamour, and vice-president for the National Book Critics Circle.

“One-Minute Book Reviews explores just about every kind of book, a something-for-everyone cornucopia of delights. Yes, says Harayda, you can read the reviews in a minute or less. The site features new releases but also goes back to the classics, and embraces titles other books sections ignore like self-help and poetry.

“Harayda not only aims help you find pleasing reading matter, but also to guide you away from the clunkers, with ‘Books I Didn’t Finish.’ Here, Harayda tells readers where she stopped reading a particular book and why, listing the best and worst lines, and giving readers suggestions for a better book to read …

“Witty, smart, and blisteringly honest, One-Minute Book Reviews can give you hours of reading pleasure. And for more great reads, take a look at the new selections up at Cookie’s Book Forum.”

From Daysitter on the blog for Cookie, March 12, 2007. The direct link seems to have expired, but here’s a link to the main Cookie site Many apologies. For more comments on One-Minute Book Reviews, click on “Praise” in the “Pages” column at right.

(c) 2007 Janice Harayda. All rights reserved.

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