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May 29, 2007

How to Get a Signed Copy of ‘The Accidental Bride’ or ‘Manhattan on the Rocks’

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A postscript to my Totally Authorized Reading Group Guide to my first novel, The Accidental Bride, posted on Monday: I have signed many copies of this book as bridal shower or bridesmaids’ gifts. Here’s how to get an autographed copy for a bride-to-be or anyone else:

1. Send a copy the book to the address on the “Contact” page on this site or on the same page on

2. Tell me how you’d like me to personalize the book. Let me know if you have a specific message you’d like me to inscribe or if you’d prefer come up with one (or just sign my name).

3. Enclose a padded enveloped with the return postage and address on it when you send me the book.

I’ll also sign copies of Manhattan on the Rocks if you do this.

I can’t speak for J.D. Salinger or Thomas Pynchon. But many – maybe most – authors will sign their books for you if you follow the steps above: Send them one of their books along with an envelope with a return address and postage on it. If you’d like to make sure an author will do this, write to the author c/o the publisher of the book. The address for the publisher may appear on the copyright page. Many authors limit the number of books they will sign this way to one or two.

Yes, publishers do forward all the mail (though it can take a month or more). We love to get those letters, which are becoming ever-more-cherished in the age of e-mail.

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